Over the past several years, I have taken little snippets from life and turned them into short stories that sound to me like modern-day parables.  These little writings are encouraging and uplifting for me, and also for my friends and family as I share them.  My initial intent was to assemble a collection into a book for my children.  However, my friends have encouraged me to share them with a wider audience.  Posting them on the internet seemed the most likely way to share.


Although this website is called Karen’s Parables, in truth they are not mine at all, but the handiwork of God.  How do I know?  First of all, I am certain that God is the Creator of all things good.  Plus, I know that on my own, I am not capable of producing these pieces of work. 


How do they begin?  As I go through my day, I will suddenly get a short word picture or thought about something totally unrelated to whatever it is that I happen to be doing at the moment.  As soon as possible, I put those few words on paper and then just let my fingers run.  After they seem to have run out of words, I go back and edit the piece.  If I get stuck in the middle of a story, I lay it aside for a time.  When I come back to it later, the piece usually seems to come together.  Often as I edit, I am amazed to read what I just wrote, knowing I had begun with no concrete plan for the message. 


Add to this the fact that I have no formal training for writing, I am not an English major, and I have never performed this type of work in the past.  I only get credit for taking the time to record and edit the messages, and for being willing to share them.  I also get credit for a willingness to listen to the Spirit of God as I cut and paste, arrange and rearrange, add descriptions and adjectives, and punctuate the sentences.  As a result, they seem to end up being beautifully simple messages penned by a beautifully simple girl.


Regardless of where you are in life’s journey, or what your core beliefs are, I believe you can benefit from the content of the parables as you apply their principles in your own life.  After all, every one of us could use a little more encouragement and uplifting.  I pray that you are blessed by the parables.


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