March 15th, 2011


I am constantly in awe of the goodness of God, and I thank Him for all the favor He pours out on me.  I am often amazed at His attention to detail, but I suppose that should not catch me by surprise.  After all, He has promised to always be with us, guiding us in every aspect of our lives.  Doesn’t that excite you?  Aren’t you glad you do not have to wait for a huge crisis before seeking Him for help?  Standing on God’s character and His promises allows me to reach for Him in the big storms, and also in the little things.

My daughter has come for a visit (now that is a special treat!) and this morning she was looking through my jewelry.  She has an eye for sparkly things, so she always enjoys re-examining the pieces I have acquired over the years.  As we dug through the jewelry box, I pulled out a tiny pendant that came with a delicious silver chain I received as an anniversary gift from my workplace.  Spotting the pendant brought my mind to questioning the whereabouts of that chain.  Several years ago I had bought a different pendant to put on that chain to wear with a certain dress, making it the perfect accessory.  That dress and necklace had accompanied us on our most recent vacation, but I could not recall unpacking the necklace after we returned home.  I discounted the possibility of it still being in the suitcase because I had very carefully gone back through all the suitcases searching for a missing tie.  A small amount of panic rose up in me as we dug through every jewelry box and dish, hunting for the necklace.  Suddenly I remembered that I often put the necklace in a little pouch I attach to the bag holding the matching shoes.  I breathed a sigh of relief, believing I had solved the mystery.  However, my countenance fell as I pulled out the shoe holder under the bed and the necklace was nowhere to be found.  “It is only a small thing,” I told myself, not wanting to hold on too tightly to material things.  Nonetheless I was quite saddened that I may have lost that necklace.  I had run out of places to look, so we abandoned the search and attempted to move on to the next event of our day. 

My heart was heavy, and although I tried to turn my attention to other things, I was most certainly preoccupied with the lost piece of jewelry.  I kept searching my mind, trying to remember where I might have left it, but I was drawing a complete blank. 

All the mental activity reminded me of another piece of lost jewelry.  We were visiting my parents’ home, and I had just returned from a long walk with my siblings.  I sat down and put my elbows on the kitchen table, resting my head in my hands.  Oh no, I was missing a diamond earring!  My whole family joined in to search the house, leaving no stone unturned.  We even re-traced the entire route of our previous walk, but with no success.  After several hours, the search was abandoned, everyone assuming that my diamond was lost forever.  I went off to be by myself, curling up in a corner to ask the Lord for help.  In that instant I had a picture in my mind and, acting on that tip, I asked my husband to take me for a ride.  We went back across town to the restaurant where we had gone for lunch that day.  Upon arriving, I got out of the car and walked to the far corner of the parking lot.  There, right at the outside edge of a drainage grate, was my diamond earring.  I always smile as I remember our jubilation over finding the earring, and even more so, over the way the Lord blesses us, even in the small things.

Then there was the time I lost my favorite blue-jean jacket.  As soon as I realized it was missing, we went jacket hunting, looking every place I had been that weekend, but to no avail.  Once again, my family was brought in to the search, but the jacket’s whereabouts remained a mystery.  So I said to the Lord, “God, if You transferred that jacket to bless someone else, then I thank you for the honor of sharing my worldly goods.  However, if I simply misplaced it, then please show me where I left it.”  Months went by, but I never gave up hope that I would eventually be reunited with that jacket.  Four months later, we went back to my hometown (where I had last seen the jacket), and I met my friend for lunch at our favorite restaurant.  As we talked, I remembered that we had met for lunch at this same restaurant the last time I was in town.  So, I got this crazy notion to ask our server if they perhaps had a jean jacket in their lost-and-found box.  We laughed at the remote possibility of that happening.  Even if I had left it there, someone else would have long ago laid claim to that nice piece of clothing.  I recalled the time I had hung my rain coat on a hook at a restaurant, and the coat changed hands before I even finished my lunch.  However, a few minutes after inquiring, our server returned with my favorite jacket over her arm.  Oh my, did I rejoice over finding that lost item!  I know, it was only a small thing, but I serve a very big God.  He never loses track of me, and He watches over me, even in the small things. 

As those stories flashed through my mind, I was led to stop what I was doing, head into my prayer room, put on some worship music, and seek the Lord for His wisdom to lead me to the missing necklace.  I turned on the music, leaned back in my recliner, and began to worship.  I said to the Lord, “Oh God, I do know for certain that you love me, radically and passionately, because You have proven it over and over and over again.  You look after me in the big things, and also in the small things.  Nothing escapes You, and You never turn Your eyes away from me.  Now, if it is Your will for me to find this necklace, please show me where to look.  Taking a deep sigh, I closed my eyes and prepared for time of waiting, but almost immediately I saw a picture in my spirit.  I jumped up and headed downstairs to the storage room.  The picture was of the large suitcase we had taken on vacation and, although I was certain I had previously searched through every corner and pocket, I followed through in faith.  (I am still learning to trust my gut.)  Sure enough, inside one of the zippered side pockets was my missing necklace.  My daughter and I did a happy dance over the finding of that which was lost. 

My next move was back to the prayer room to worship and thank my ever-watchful and ever-engaged Daddy God for blessing me, even in the small things.  As I entered into worship, in my spirit I began to hear great laughter.  I asked Him, “Why are you laughing?”  The Lord responded, “Oh, this was fun!”  I agreed.

It was not until much later, while retelling this story to a friend, that I realized God had given me a deeper message by His laughter.  I had heard more than one voice in the laughter, and I envisioned the Father and the Son fully enjoying the moment.  As we discussed His laughter, it occurred to me that God was allowing me see how much He delights in me, even in the small things.  The enemy will try to convince us that the Big God we serve is only interested in prayers about big things, and that He does not want to be bothered with small things.  All too often we find ourselves repeating the lies of the enemy, telling ourselves that we should be able to deal with the little things on our own.  That is partly a true statement; God did give us a brain and He does expect us to enter into critical thinking over matters large and small.  However, He still wants to be ‘in it with us’ from the beginning; He does not want us to turn to Him as our last resort.

You get to read this story because, while I was worshipping the Lord, and thanking Him for His participation in the search, He said to me, “Why don’t you write that down?”  I said, “Because I am busy worshipping.”  He said, “Your writing is worship.”  “Oh.  Thanks for the encouragement.”

Lord God, I offer my every activity, my every word, to you as holy worship.  May You be glorified in everything I say and do.  May my every breath rise up to worship You.


PS:  As I proof read my work before publishing it, I continually stop and thank Holy Spirit for always helping me with my writing.  It is indeed a team effort:  He gives me the inspiration, I type the words, and He does the editing.  As I go through the story once it is finished, He gives me a little word here and a little phrase there, making the piece so much more readable.  I give Him all the credit for my success. 

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