October 26th, 2010


This message is primarily for the so-called Baby Boomers.  However, if you are not one, feel free to read on – and pass the message on to one you might know.

My heart has been heavy over the condition of our nation, and especially over the condition of the Church.  We have been led down a wrong path and I fear that the cliff might just be around the next bend in the road.  Dear fellow Baby Boomers, we have been world changers.  We have introduced some extraordinary works, and we deserve much credit for that.  However, we have also infected our families, as well as our own lives, with seeds of wrong thinking.  Let’s face it; the fruits we have produced are not tasting very good.  I believe the time has come for us to take a stand, reverse our direction, and sweeten those things we have soured.

Way back in the Nineteen-sixties, you may not have actually been a ‘hippie’ yourself.  However, I am betting that you certainly did cheer them on and ride on their coat tails – declaring and demanding your so-called freedom.  It may have even begun in the Fifties, when you rejected your parents’ music and rushed to the store to purchase music called Rock & Roll.  Whenever the rebellion began with primarily teens and young adults, most of us jumped on the band wagon and started shrugging off the moral code our parents diligently tried to teach us. 

The results have been devastating.  First came dissatisfaction with the concept of boundaries and accountability.  Then came blatant rebellion, followed by what was called free love.  Too late we found out there was nothing free about it.  Some of us are still paying for having believed the lies of the enemy who step-by-step infiltrated and demoralized much of an entire generation. 

By the Seventies, we added bitterness and hatred to the mix.  Next we pressed for legalized abortion, thinking this would help clean up the mess we made with the free-love experiment.  Families were torn apart as parents tried to please an un-pleasable and rebellious group of spoiled kids.  More moms entered the workplace to help pay for our excesses; many of those who remained at home were scorned for wanting to be homemakers, no longer an honorable profession.

Soon we found ourselves in a society with loose morals and rampant misery.  Maybe it was gradual but we were so busy demanding our rights that we did not even notice.  Pregnancy outside of marriage was now deemed ‘normal,’ as was living together – we were grossly offended when our parents still called that ‘shacking up.’

Today as we look back at the legacy we have left for our children and grandchildren, the future looks bleak.  Putting a monster like this back in the box will not be easy.  Now, I do not want to suggest it was all bad, or that our behavior was totally decadent.  We did accomplish a number of remarkably good things.  It is just that the good things are not what plague us today.  We must assume responsibility for a large portion of the perversion we now find ourselves in – much in the name of tolerance or political correctness.  It breaks my heart to know our grandchildren will not even be taught basic traditional morality in school, and much of what they will be taught is totally contrary to our own Christian values.  Even the definition of family has been completely rewritten.  I remember one day my granddaughter came home sobbing because she thought there was something wrong with her family.  The neighborhood kids at the playground had asked if she lived with her mommy or her daddy.  When she told them she lived with both, they proceeded to tell her she had to live with one or the other, but nobody lives with both parents.  How sad that she was the odd man out.

Today much of society buys into the beliefs of the few.  How did we get to a place where so many people call good evil, and evil good?  How in the world did we ever fall prey to an entitlement mentality?  Why are we so willing to be assaulted with a barrage of perversion, even inviting it into our homes?  Where is the Church?  Are we Baby Boomers guilty of teaching our children to wink at sin?  What will it take to rouse the voices of that silent majority we used to hear about?  How close has our country come to falling into complete moral decay?   

Only a mighty move of God can pull us out of the cesspool we have fallen into.  My fellow Baby Boomers, I invite you to join me, and begin to wield the power and authority given to us by the Most High God.  We must take a stand against a runaway society that has stripped us of our decency.  Yes, we can turn America around, but only if we back out of this mess in the reverse order in which we got into it.  First, we must come back to God and allow Jesus to be Lord of our lives, giving up that foolish notion that His ways are too restrictive.  We must put His Ten Commandments back into our lives, back into our courtrooms, and even back into our churches.  We must expose the twisted concept that is presently called ‘tolerance,’ and replace it with true Godly love and respect for one another – love allows others their own beliefs without forcing us to abandon ours and buy into theirs.  We must take ourselves and our families back to the Houses of God and actively participate in making the church relevant again.  We must reintroduce holiness to our minds and our bodies and our bedrooms.  We absolutely must reverse the mind-numbing bondage of political correctness.  We must talk to our children and grandchildren about honesty, integrity, purity, holiness, and teach them the value of an honest day’s work.  We must put on love, share it with one another, and teach others the blessing of putting someone else ahead of ourselves. 

Jesus is coming back for a pure and spotless Bride.  As a Church, we do not yet look exactly presentable to take our place at the Wedding Feast of the Lamb.  We are barely even noticeable in today’s society.  I believe it is time to stand up and say, “Enough is enough, and we are not living like this any longer!”  Baby Boomers, are you ready to once again start a revolution and change the world, but this time for the better?  God bless you.


  1. Bryan Hamilton Says:

    Currently I am sitting with Ben at Java Creek. He suggested I read this article. You must have a unique perspective having grown up seeing the progression of the decay of our society. My perspective is looking at what is called normal in our society and coming to the realization that I have been hoodwinked so to speak. What is normal and healthy is what I have grown up hating. God wants to fill our rules with love and give healthy boundaries to free love. My hope in all of this is Malachi 4:6.

  2. Anne Says:

    Wow! You really cover it all there. I agree w/ you totally, but aside from prayer and inviting God back into our hearts and homes, could you offer some solid suggestions for us? I think w/ your following and your calling, you should write a BOOK and give us step by step advice on how to get this world back on track. what do you think??

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