August 20th, 2013

Sitting in the prayer room at the International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Kansas City, in the middle of harp and bowl worship, my soul and spirit begin to enter into the extravagant outpouring of praise and worship.  As the music becomes stronger and the worship rises up all around me, in my spirit I envision heavenly spirits stopping in to observe the festivities.  Angels smile at what they see and hear, and they join in the dancing and singing.  Demons also take note; they are confused and angry, shrieking and muttering insults.  As the worship intensifies and the worshippers are lost in proclaiming their love for Jesus, the words and music seem to come together in the middle of the room, forming something like a bubble that rises through the roof.  The angels are quick to slip inside the bubble, almost giddy with delight.  They dance and sing and jump, bowing and encircling one another, laughing, hair flying and gowns flowing (pale blue sparkling gowns with silver streamers swirling round about them).  The demons pace outside the bubble, hurling mud and foul words that simply bounce off the bubble and melt away.  They try to poke holes in the bubble but get burned every time they touch it.  As the music and worship in the building intensify, and hearts cry out with love for Jesus, the bubble grows larger and larger, knocking the demons farther away.  They roll backwards, knocking one another over in mass confusion.  More and more angels arrive and step into the bubble as the worship continues to rise.

Throughout the room, people’s hearts become more and more passionate as they lavish their love and praise on Jesus, their Beloved.  Stretched to capacity, the bubble gets so thin that it breaks open at the top and the bottom.  The force and power of the worship in the building gets sucked up like a vacuum, mingling with the worship of the angels.  All that power gusts like a mighty wind straight to heaven, pouring out prayer and song and beautiful fragrance all around the throne of Jesus.  The Holy Spirit imparts more of His power into the worshippers, stirring their hearts and causing them to explode with even more love for the Father, and for Jesus who sits on the throne, bursting with love and crying as His heart is so stirred.  The Father’s heart swells with pride and joy at the exchange of love between bride and Bridegroom.  His heart is so full of love for His children that He just has to pour out His favor and His bounty.

Father and Son exchange glances and smiles, anticipating the thrill of the coming time when all the saints will be gathered to the Throne Room to spend eternity in worship and praise and unity, glorifying their Lord and King.

The day of that encounter, the heavenly scene was so glorious that all I wanted was to be immediately transported to the Throne Room and leave this boring world behind.  Obviously, I was only given a sneak peak and not an invitation to relocate.  And all too soon it was time to pack up and head home.  Since then, I have experienced isolated moments of that full-on heartfelt worship, and it makes me long for eternity.  Sometimes in church when worship feels flat and dull to my distracted soul, I will escape to the memory that reminds me of the glory that awaits me.  And when I miss my mom and my dad, I remember that they are now free to worship in a way they never experienced here on earth.  I can hardly wait to join them in a service where parents will never again need to tell their children to sit down, be quiet, and eat your Cheerios.


  1. jmg Says:

    beautiful …incredible description of spiritual warfare !

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