June 24th, 2013

Yesterday afternoon, as I was roaming around the house and attending to some chores, all of a sudden I felt a strong urge to take a shower. That seemed a bit strange, being the middle of the day and I was not planning on going anywhere. But, the idea of a shower was quite appealing, so I shrugged my shoulders and turned on the water. It felt like a wonderful respite after a whirlwind week.

My husband had just returned home from the hospital, after having a major back surgery.  He has had a tender back for a number of years, and some minor discomfort has occasionally plagued him.  However, this episode was much different from the others, as he was experiencing intense pain that would not subside.  After about six weeks of prayer and biofreeze and massage and chiropractic and pain relievers (that didn’t relieve), he finally called his doctor.  The favor he received from this point on nearly made us dizzy.  His doctor was able to see him the very next day, which was a Thursday afternoon.  The doctor then scheduled an MRI for the following day, and was actually able to set an appointment for him to see a neurosurgeon on Monday morning.  The MRI revealed a bulging disk and an unidentifiable mass that was pressing against that disk, and the doctor recommended we remove it immediately.  Now, that was a really hard call because we had a totally different plan.  We were scheduled to leave town that week and would be gone for two months, so our plan was to opt for physical therapy and revisit the issue when we returned home.  However, the neurosurgeon did not like that plan at all!  After seeking the Lord about timing, we agreed to have the surgery right away.  And right away it was – two days later my husband was in surgery.  (Now, how often does that happen?  The favor of the Lord is incredible!)  So, exactly one week after his phone call to his doctor, my husband was already home and recovering.  Had God not allowed the pain to become unbearable, my husband would still be walking around with that mass in his spine, and who knows what damage it eventually would have caused.  No doubt each divine appointment was orchestrated by Jesus, the Healer, who knew the entire story from the beginning.

As if this was not enough to keep life interesting, we began to experience what felt like trouble piling on.  The same day we received the doctor’s diagnosis, my daughter called to tell us her husband was experiencing intense stomach pain and she was taking him to the hospital.  Then we called my son, who said he was also experiencing stomach pain.  So, the day my husband was having surgery, my son-in-law was also in the hospital preparing for surgery, and my son was in the hospital passing a kidney stone.  The remaining men in the family were getting quite nervous!

My son-in-law was having the most difficult time; a cancerous tumor was found in his colon.  He had not experienced any symptoms that would have alerted him that there was a problem, except for that one Monday night when he suddenly doubled over with pain.  Had God not allowed such intense pain, who knows how long the tumor would have gone undetected.  No doubt that divine appointment was orchestrated by Jesus, the Healer, who knew the entire story from the beginning.

As the warm shower water poured over me, I began to praise the Lord, and thank Him for the wonderful work He had just accomplished in our lives.  I felt His presence so strong all around me, and I wondered if it was the draw of His presence that brought me to the shower.  As I rinsed the shampoo out of my hair, suddenly in my spirit, I heard a word that said, “Scott has a cell phone.”  (Scott is my son-in-law.)  I thought to myself, “Oh, perhaps I should be calling him instead of calling my daughter for updates.”  I decided to check that out. Then I heard, “You know he has a cell phone.”  I was indeed puzzled until the Lord took me back in time.

Two weeks ago I was watching the Todd Bentley healing revival taking place in South Africa and was being televised on God TV.  Todd said he was going to conduct a “cell phone healing service,” and he told everyone to get their cell phones ready.  After he prayed over everyone (including those of us watching), he said we should call someone and pray over them for healing.  My mind went to the names of several people I could call, so I asked the Lord who He wanted me to call.  He told me to call Scott.  Now that puzzled me.  I knew that Scott deals with diabetes and hypertension, but I was not expecting to hear his name.  However, I have learned that it is best to listen and obey, especially when I ask a specific question and get an answer, so I called Scott.  I got his voicemail, and I left him a prayer message.

Remembering that event, my knees began to go weak.  I was so in awe of the goodness of God, and suddenly I was very much aware of the miracle He had done through a series of events.  My daughter had joked that God must have kicked her husband in the gut to get him to go to the hospital, but He quite obviously had a much better way to accomplish this divine appointment.  When Scott listened to his voicemail message, it moved him to tears.  When he played it back to his wife, they both came into agreement with that healing prayer, and that agreement made way in the Spirit realm to accomplish God’s plan.

Can you see how God laid out His perfect plan, a divine appointment for Scott’s healing?  He had placed a healing mantle on Todd Bentley a long time ago, and even when he fell a couple of years ago, God picked him up and restored him.  Todd answered the call to go to South Africa to preach, and God has been bringing revival to that nation.  I had personally experienced Todd’s rise and fall and restoration, I did not hold that fall against him, and I stood in faith when he told people to call someone for healing prayer.  In faith and obedience, I called Scott and spoke healing over him, not ever knowing he had a deadly tumor growing inside his body.  Scott received the message and along with his wife, they stood on their faith and came into agreement with that healing word.  And that released the power for God’s divine appointment on his life.  Who knows, it might have been a life-and-death chain of events.  No doubt, it was a powerful message spoken into my life – and yours too, as you read and glorify the God of Divine Appointments.

And my son?  He got some good drugs, and he did pass that kidney stone.  He quipped to his sister that he was going through the worst physical pain he had ever experienced, but could only come in third for sympathy from the family.