April 21st, 2013

Recently I heard a teaching about Moses, and how God spoke to him on Mount Sinai. Moses asked God to show him His glory, and God offered to show him His goodness. Because no one can see the face of God and live, God put Moses in the cleft of the rock so he could see God’s back as He passed by. At the end of the message, the preacher looked straight into the camera, pointed his finger, and said, “God is also going to speak to you from the cleft of the rock.” He was looking right at me, and I immediately cried out, “O God, please do give me messages and reveal Your mysteries!”

Since that time, on numerous occasions I have asked God to speak to me from the cleft of the rock. Today I am sharing with you a few of those messages. Once again, I am in awe of how much my Lord longs to reveal His heart to me, as I am willing to seek after Him, if I truly want to receive what He has for me. In fact, the messages keep coming, and more stories will be forthcoming, thus the “Part 1” in the title.

REASSURANCE: God says: I am fully in charge; My hands are on the reins. Do not be troubled or angry at men for the things they do. You each choose your side, and when you take your place in that camp, you run with the game plan of that leader. This is a time when the chasm is widening between heavenly and earthly worldviews, and it will soon be impossible to run from camp to camp or to try to stand with one foot on each side. What you see in Washington – the polarization and stiffening of minds – is indicative of what is happening all over the country. Always remember that as the night gets darker, the light gets brighter and it illuminates farther. You have chosen well, My child. Now put on your armor – and hold on.

And speaking of government, the Lord reminded me that as a born-again, regenerated, child of the Most High God, I am a resident of the Kingdom of God. I am ‘in’ the world but not ‘of’ the world, so my residence here is like that of an ambassador. When an ambassador is sent to a foreign land, he is under the protection of his homeland. Although I am expected to obey the laws of this country, its government is not really my government, and I do not hold any power over how it operates. Although I am considered a legal resident of this country and therefore I am allowed one vote, in truth, that one vote really does not hold any power. The enemy is the god of this world, and he has set up his own evil plan, which is totally at odds with my Kingdom values. I shudder at how huge our government has become, and it continues to grow larger. When I asked the Lord where this is all going, He gave me a simple explanation. He reminded me about a verse that talks about Jesus’ reign when He returns, prophesying that of the increase of His government, there shall be no end. The devil is a counterfeiter and he is simply inserting himself into that place, as he plots to increase government and power all over the world, under the misconception that this increases his power. Won’t he be surprised when Jesus returns in glory and takes His place as King of kings and Lord of lords? All the world’s governments will topple as the devil is thrown into the bottomless pit, and every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord, indeed! So, I guess I will turn off the news and be at peace as world leaders continue to build this house of cards. Jesus, come quickly!

WHEN TO SPEAK: God says: You are passionate – I made you that way. With My help, you have built a strong foundation and your feet are firmly planted on the Word. You know what you believe and you are unshaken; your faith is strong. You do not compromise on your beliefs or water down the truth. You are like the house built on a rock (actually, built on The Rock!) and you will not be intimidated or moved from what you believe is truth. That is all good stuff.
You also have an opinion about almost everything. That is okay too. The secret is in knowing when to voice your opinion, or your belief, on any given topic. Except for a few core people in your life, you do not owe anyone your opinion or belief, even if they ask for it. You can always say, “I don’t have an opinion I care to speak out right now.” I want you to stop before you speak, to determine whether or not your words will bear fruit. If not, stay silent. If something does not directly affect you, if you do not have a vested interest in a matter, then your opinion is usually irrelevant. If the other person only wants to prove his point, then do not challenge him. Do not be so quick to judge, or to think you know that person’s motive. Love more; speak less.

What you hear these days, on the news and in circles of conversation, is more about causing division and strife among the people and less about the merits of any given issue. When you have a global view of current events, and when you understand Kingdom concepts, you can see that this is just one more move toward the end plan of the enemy. This would be a good time to re-read the Book of Revelation. We are all systematically being herded like sheep into the pens of the enemy to form a new world order where the plan is to form a small elite class and a huge servant class. In order to lead us into that pit, we must be tricked into giving up our individuality, our understanding of right and wrong, our sense of personal accomplishment, our patriotism, and our religion. The less we debate an issue, and the more we quietly stand firm in truth, the less we are drawn into the bait-and-switch trap that seeks to portray us as the culprits. The Word tells us: Be still and know that I am God. Rest in Me. All is well. Operate in love and compassion. Cast off that spirit of division. Return good for evil. Love those who speak evil of you.

CONVICTION: Jesus says: See My scarred back? It was shredded to ribbons as the Roman soldiers took out their hatred on Me. In their hearts they knew I was innocent. They also knew their own lust for power had gotten out of control, and simply being in My presence convicted them of their sin. Retaliation is a common reaction when a person is challenged to examine his own heart. For a believer, conviction is a natural response that follows the uncovering of sin, but it is not always an immediately welcomed experience. As the light of Truth flows through a person and begins to prune his soul, those around him sometimes get the brunt of his pain, especially those closest to him. When you are the recipient of such an action, do not take it personally, and especially, do not think it is your job to enlighten him. Always remember that I am the one to deliver conviction. You do not need to add to it (unless your input is specifically requested) nor should you try to alleviate their discomfort – it has a meaningful purpose. All you need to do is remember that another person’s attack against you often has very little to do with you. I am your example; bleed love.

RECOGNIZING THE AUTHENTIC: As I was reading one more book about the upcoming events looming on the horizon, my heart was broken for the lost souls who will faint with fear when all of hell’s fury breaks loose. The Word tells us that unless those days are shortened, even the hearts of the elect will grow cold. I pondered how born-again believers could possibly fall away and forget the finished work of the Cross. God reminded me about the Israelites who, only days after experiencing the parting of the Red Sea and the annihilation of their enemies right before their eyes, melted down their jewelry and made a gold calf to worship! They said, “This is our god. This is who brought us safely out of Egypt.” Good grief! Who could actually believe that a statue crafted with their own hands could actually have any power? And yet, that is exactly what they did. Likewise, I remind myself, any of us can be deceived and led astray.

So, I cry out to the Lord, and ask Him what I can do to finish well, and stay strong on my foundation of faith in Jesus. Of course, He reminds me that I am not the one who does the work; I surrender to Him and abide under the shadow of His wing as He does the work in me. I acknowledge that to be true. Then I ask how I can prepare for all the deception that will be poured out on the earth, and how I can stand against the lies of false prophets. His answer is so simple and yet so totally complete. He reminds me about how bank tellers avoid taking in counterfeit bills: they become so familiar with the authentic that they can immediately spot the counterfeit. In the same way, I am to be so familiar with the authentic, Jesus Christ the only begotten Son of the Father, the Lord God Almighty, that I too will immediately spot the counterfeit. Now how simple is that? Thank you, God, for keeping me on the narrow path of truth, and for keeping me grounded and in perfect peace, in You.

FEAR OR FAITH: God opens a door and invites me to walk into my destiny. In order to do that, I must come into agreement with His word. However, at the door stands both faith and fear. Fear reminds me of everything that can go wrong. Its job is to frighten me enough to cause me to turn away from God’s plan for me, thereby missing my destiny. Faith involves my choosing to come into agreement with God’s word before, and until, it manifests and becomes my reality. Only when I apply faith can I step through the doorway and walk in my calling. Although all of heaven is cheering me on and encouraging me to choose faith, the choice is always mine to make.

MORE ABOUT FEAR: Last week the Lord rocked my little world when He told me that only unbelievers struggle with fear. Immediately I envisioned myself delivering that message at the front of church during a service, and being stoned to death. As I began to protest, He asked me to stop and think about it for a minute. He showed me that I could take a closer look at any issue that had fear attached to it, and in that spot, I could see that I was no longer believing the promises of God. It goes without saying that anytime I am not believing what the Word says, I am operating in unbelief and that officially makes me an unbeliever in that place. I could not argue; all I could do was repent for my unbelief and ask Him to change my heart. I bristled at the idea of being called an unbeliever, and I vowed right there to put a guard around my heart and a filter on my ears, and I would not allow fear to speak to me again. I have added that phrase to my arsenal, and I am reminding my friends that only unbelievers struggle with fear. Can’t say I am always the most popular girl at the table, but it certainly is an effective tool.

RESPONDING TO HIS VOICE: My daughter has been in desperate need for a different job, and the entire family has been standing in prayer with her. Last week she interviewed for the job she really wanted, and the tension increased significantly. Every time the Lord put her on my mind, I would pray for His will for her, and for her peace and patience and endurance. One afternoon as I lifted her up to the Lord, He spoke into my spirit, “The job is hers.” My heart pounded with excitement as I asked Him how I should respond to that. He said, “Call and tell her.” “What? No! I can’t do that, Lord. The risk is way too high. If I tell her and then it all falls apart, she will never forgive me!” It seemed as though time stood still as I argued back and forth, trying to make God understand, and it seemed as though He just waited there, smiling. Finally I relented. “Okay, Lord. I love her so much and this just terrifies me, but I love You even more and I will be obedient.” So, I sent my daughter a text, asking if she had time for a call. She was busy, but she promised to call in about thirty minutes. That was the longest half hour I had experienced in a while! Finally she called and I gingerly began the dreaded conversation. Halfway into my first sentence, she interrupted and asked if she could say something before I started. Here it comes, I thought, this is where she tells me she does not want to hear any of my weird stuff (she thinks I am a little ‘out there’). “Sure,” I said, and then she said, “I have a new job.” Can you believe it? As she was on her way out to the hallway to return my call, she got the welcomed call offering her the job. Oh, what relief! I gave myself permission to breathe again, as I smiled over the Divine Setup I had just experienced, and I knew God was smiling, really big. I cannot describe the encouragement this has brought me, reminding me that I do know the voice of the Lord, I ‘hear’ Him in my spirit, and I can trust in that. I pray the experience also blessed my daughter, who now heads into a new chapter in her life.