May 14th, 2010


Are you familiar with the term ‘Foundational Lies?’  Neither was I, at least not until I began hearing those words in my spirit.  A few years ago, suddenly and quite frequently, the Holy Spirit began using that term while teaching me some incredibly valuable, life-changing lessons.  At that time, I was relatively new to the ‘charismatic’ church environment, and this stuff was rocking my little world.  During that time in my life, I was receiving regular prayer for inner healing, and God was transforming me right before my very eyes!  I was pressing in to know as much about the deep things of God as I could digest.  ‘Hearing’ from God was a new adventure for me, and my heart was wide open.


During this season of discovery, the Holy Spirit began teaching me lessons about what He called Foundational Lies – words that negatively affect how we shape our world view, keeping us bound up in wrong thinking.  Foundational Lies are false statements we have believed over the years to be truths and thus, we have stood on them.  Making matters worse, we have continuously built other mindsets on top of that wrong thinking.  (Imagine a construction project being built higher and higher on a crooked foundation.)  For example, consider that age-old admonition:  “God helps those who help themselves.”  These words are totally contrary to Scripture.  Although it is true that we are expected to put some skin in the game, when this lie becomes part of our foundation, we set our own plans in motion instead of waiting on the Lord for His direction.   Proverbs 3:5 tells us to “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.”


As God began to reveal the power of Foundational Lies, He gave me a visual image of how stubbornly our flesh renounces any thought or idea that contradicts a long-held belief.  In this vision, I was standing barefoot on a flat hot rock, the soles of my feet melted solidly in place.  As a strong wind blew my body around, my feet did not move.  This picture was meant to demonstrate how, even when strong truth was revealed to me, I remained stuck solidly to the old rock that was my foundation.  Although I was confronted with the truth of a matter, I was not able to get past my lie-based core beliefs. 


Often these lies form an illusion of protection to allow my sinful flesh to continue feeding its lusts.  For example, I had held onto the belief that there are no ‘bad’ foods.  This lie allowed me to continue to eat anything I desired, even though I was struggling with excess weight and lack of energy.  This Foundational Lie kept me from facing the truth that certain foods are harmful to my body, and eating those things regularly left me feeling sluggish and weary.  The Lord says my body is His temple.


For much of my life I struggled with a spirit of rejection, and a fear that I was not loved, or even loveable.  Those Foundational Lies brought much pain and loneliness, and led me to make many poor decisions over my lifetime.  Although intellectually I knew I was loved, and I was perfect just as God made me, the deep parts of my soul still believed those lies.  I knew something was drastically wrong, so I continued to pray for inner healing for my soul.  I longed for the Lord to put His finger on the memories that contained the lies, and speak truth to me.  During one particular prayer time, the Lord led me to a number of childhood memories.  In each memory I was able to see an empty and lonely child who was provided with adequate physical necessities, but was not really loved, or nurtured, very much at all.  That did not seem particularly unusual because I did not know children were supposed to be loved.  I thought parents were stuck with kids and had to get them raised as best they could:  “you made your bed, now lie in it!”  That is a Foundational Lie!  Believing that lie kept me from acknowledging how truly alone and lonely I was; I had no idea that I had a right to expect anything else.  Therefore, I continued to make excuses for my parents’ lack of affection toward me, especially with regard to my mother.  I had already acknowledged that my dad checked out of parenting almost from the beginning.  Another Foundational Lie:  “a father is not held accountable for the raising of children.” 


I came to the truth that my mother generally provided me with the bare minimum of affection, and I was left empty and lonely.  I have come to understand that my mother was too caught up in her own pain to adequately care for me as a child, or nurture me in the ways I desired.  Her own insecurity, and her lack of being adequately loved, obstructed her ability to meet my needs.  However, I was unable to really grab hold of that truth because I was holding onto another Foundational Lie:  “she did the best she could with what she had.” 


In order to be able to renounce this lie and see it for the excuse it was, I had to admit I used that same lie to defend my own failures.  I would need to take a look at my own past behavior, and admit that I too did not do the best I could with what I had.  I was then able to renounce the lie as it related to my mother, and also acknowledge that these words had falsely shaped my own world view.


The next Foundational Lie the enemy told me was this:  “although I had a hard childhood, it could have been much worse.”  This lie brought condemnation, forcing me to minimize or hide my emptiness.  The Lord exposed that lie by asking me what could be worse than not being loved and nurtured!  I needed to renounce this lie (the one that said my problems were not really very big and therefore not very important to God, so just shut up), and ask the Lord to assure me that every area of my life is important to Him, despite the fact that many other people had much tougher issues to work through than I had experienced.


These revelations were freeing, and renouncing the lies brought much healing!  I had a better understanding of why my soul had been so bound up.  In the next few paragraphs I will build a ‘foundation’ from what I learned about Foundational Lies.


Foundational Lies are hidden deep in our soul and are protected either by demons who do not want us to discover the truth or by our sinful flesh that prefers to manage our sin rather than renounce it.  So long as we believe the lies to be truths, our minds are closed to anything that would contradict our thinking.  Until the lies are identified and renounced, we remain in bondage.


Envision a box all wrapped up in twine, similar to what we used in the past for wrapping and mailing small packages.  Even if the post office destroys the box and maybe even damages what is inside, so long as the twine is still in place, the package is considered to be intact.  Foundational Lies are like that twine around a belief.  I can dig into the corner of the box and pull something out, but I cannot fully expose what it contains.  My life may be in shambles, but so long as the twine holds, I can pretend the package is fine.  I cannot remove the lid from the package and deal with the contents until each piece of twine is broken and removed.


As I examined these Foundational Lies, I sensed they had three layers, but I realized we often only deal with two.  The top layer is the actual lie, and the next layer down is the truth of the matter.  We often renounce the lie, grasp the truth, and then move on.  However, the Holy Spirit showed me that we must dig deeper to see what is really compromising the foundation.  We must find the root.  At the root of every lie, you will find satan making another attempt to discredit God, which is always his main objective.  He has been doing this since the first lie he told Eve in the Garden.


I have experienced much freedom since I let go of the lie that there are no bad foods.  My sinful flesh held onto that lie in order to justify my destructive eating habits.  I knew that once I exposed the lie, I would need to choose to continue my bad choices and take personal responsibility for the resulting consequences, or I would have to change my eating habits.  Although satan may not have initiated the lie, he certainly encouraged me to believe it in order to keep me in bondage (excess weight, low self-worth, low energy, shame, poor health).  The underlying lie was that eating what my flesh desired would meet my needs and bring me satisfaction.  Satan does not want me to acknowledge or declare that only the Lord can satisfy me (John 6:35 “I am the Bread of life; he who comes to Me shall not hunger”). 


One day, my husband confronted me about a few unnecessary words I would use every once in a while.  I repented and commanded that demon to leave, but he did not.  In my spirit, he showed me he did not have to go because my own declaration had given him license to remain.  I asked the Lord to expose this declaration, and He showed me that I had spoken, and continued to believe, a Foundational Lie:  “there are just times when no other word will do.”  I renounced that lie, cast that demon out, and searched for the truth.  I discovered that satan was once again trying to discredit God.  He wanted me to believe God had not provided enough words to adequately express myself, and satan had to create a few extra words to make up the deficit!  What an insult to the Creator of all things good!


The earlier lie I discussed said my mother did the best she could with what she had.  The Holy Spirit took me to the bottom of that lie and showed me that a person who “did the best she could with what she had” would use that excuse to justify her behavior, and would not see her need for a Savior.  Satan was telling me that if I did the best I could with what I had, that was good enough, and I did not need forgiveness, or a Savior.  The Lord had previously prepared me for this message by prompting Larry, someone I barely knew, to tell me this true story:


Larry’s nephew Evan and his friends, who had just graduated from high school, met in the country for a keg party.  Later that night when one very drunk girl headed for her car, Evan attempted to stop her from driving, offering to take her home.  She refused his offer, insisting she was sober enough to drive.  She became belligerent and Evan backed away and let her go.  She never made it home.  At her funeral, Evan was beside himself with grief.   His friends surrounded him, telling him not to blame himself for her death.  Later, Larry cornered Evan and told him he truly was in part to blame.  As the horrified crowd began to argue, Larry told Evan that he really would have been able to stop the girl.  He could have restrained her; he could have called for help.  But, his fear of her anger intimidated him, keeping him from being persistent.  Larry told the crowd that no amount of comforting would ever bring Evan any peace because deep down in his heart, he knew the truth and, if he did not face it head-on, in time he would self-destruct.  Evan’s only hope for restoration was in acknowledging his part and taking that to the Cross.  Until he embraced the truth, he could not receive the forgiveness that would set him free.


This message is about breaking off chains, and lies, and distorted thinking, in order to continue to grow in the love of Christ.  My Foundational Lies needed to be exposed and replaced with God’s Truth before I could enjoy a deeper intimacy with Jesus.  Inner healing led to greater freedom to more fully worship and glorify God!  We were created to love Him and serve Him, and to experience all He has prepared for us.  I pray that my Lord and Savior is glorified in this piece, and that its teaching allows you to draw nearer to the One Who extends to you and me His perfect love and truth. 


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