June 24th, 2009


In the middle of a time of bed rest after being sick for more than a week, I woke up with an assignment from the Lord.   Apparently while dreaming, I found myself worried about how I had gotten sick, so I sought the Lord to ask if I had opened any spiritual door to allow in a spirit of infirmity.  Soon I sensed that nothing was wrong; I had simply caught a flu bug and my body was recovering.  I was relieved about that, but as my mind sometimes tends to do, I then began to wonder how I would justify that to others who might assume I was in sin.  (In the middle of typing the previous sentence, the Lord reminded me about how Job’s friends also assumed his trials were a result of sin in his life.  I guess I am in good company!)

It was during this time of questioning that the Holy Spirit asked me to remember what He called my ‘foundation stones’, or those truths I stand on as being foundational to my core beliefs.  When I know who I am and what I believe, my spirit can remain peaceful, and the fear of man’s opinion simply has no hold on me.  The Holy Spirit led me to begin ‘laying down’ (listing on paper) beliefs I could read and re-read during trying times.  Reminding myself what I believe, and what I stand for, will always help me stay on course.  He said that my sharing the list would also be a simple way to pass on to others the beliefs that lift my soul.  No doubt my list will be ongoing.

I was led to allow you the dignity of searching these things out for yourselves, so I have not added scriptures to this writing, as I usually do.

I encourage you to ask the Lord to give you revelation as you examine each ‘stone’.  Take what your spirit agrees with and disregard the others.  As always, my Father blesses me for being willing to spend the time to record my thoughts and share my list, but I get no personal credit for the contents.  I cannot claim even one to be my very own original thought.  All of my wisdom and spiritual understanding come directly from the Lord, and many of my thoughts were passed on to me from other believers.  You will probably recognize most of them, especially if you know me or if you listen to and admire the same saints that catch my attention. 

Be blessed as you lay down your own foundation.  The points that follow are not listed in any particular order of importance, but simply in the order in which they came to me as I wrote.  You will find that some resonate with you more than others.  Personally, my mind moves from subject to subject, so a truth that is grabbing hold of me this week will probably give way next week to something else the Lord is pressing upon my heart.


·   God is good – all the time – and His ways are perfect, no matter what the circumstances, no matter what I see with my physical eyes or hear with my physical ears.

·   I am determined to not blame God for what happens to me by the will of the enemy or sinful man; even though I know that nothing happens without God’s allowing it.  God gave each of us an absolute free will, and bad things often happen as a result of God’s allowing us to exercise that free will.

·    God cannot love me more than He already does, and He will not love me less, no matter what I have done.

·    Jesus Christ is my cornerstone, the Rock of my foundation.  He is the rock I fall upon to break my hardened pride.

·    I will always have trials – they should never surprise me, or cause me to worry.

·    God will always apply the least amount of pressure for the shortest amount of time in order to bring in the greatest harvest.

·    When it is time for me to confront sin in my life, God and I partner in that process.  My part is repentance and behavior modification; His part is to heal me and change my heart.

·    If my ways are pleasing to God – if my heart is set to walk in holiness, then God will often cause even my enemies to be at peace with me.

·    In God’s ears, my heart is always louder than my mouth.  With people, however, it is quite the contrary.

·    Truth without love is cruel; love without truth is deception.  I must use truth and love like walking sticks.

·    Love covers a multitude of sins; grace allows me to walk out of those sins.

·    God’s grace heals everything I apply it to.

·    This life time is only a breath compared to eternity.  Since I am in training for eternity, I should make my decisions with an eternal perspective.

·    When I reach out to others, if they are not drawn closer to Jesus, then I have not produced much fruit.

·    I am the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ, no matter the circumstances.

·    At all times I must be found worshipping the Creator and not His creation.

·    Unless I know God’s love for me (personally), I will give up early, or I will minister out of an attitude of religious pride.

·    I must have an unoffendable heart.  Jesus offended people all the time, and that always exposed their hearts.

·    The day I accepted Jesus as my Lord is the day I died to my fleshly ways.  A dead man does not care what you say to him.

·    Humility must always be my garment.

·    I will be known by my fruit.  I will be judged according to my actions rather than my words. 

·    No matter what I say, know that my heart and my actions do not contradict one another.  The depth of my love for the Lord is proven by the degree in which you can see Him in me.

·    In every situation that I can handle myself, I do not need a Savior.

·    Jesus is my everything – my absolute first love.  If he is not everything, then in truth, He is nothing.

·    God never promised to bless my plans.  He will never be my sugar daddy.

·    When people honor me publicly, I will thank them for their kindness.  Then as soon as I am alone, I will hand off that praise to Jesus.  I always know that all honor is His, and I do not need to assume a pose of false humility by brushing aside that person’s compliment.

·    God’s law was never intended to be the answer to sin.  It is the teacher that leads me to Jesus.

·    We do not engage in spiritual warfare in order to win, but rather to enforce the victory Jesus already won for us.

·    If I spend more than a few minutes dissecting my sin, I am guilty of pride because I am focused on myself rather than on my Savior.  It only takes a minute to deal with sin, to stop, repent, ask the Father’s forgiveness, and receive that forgiveness.  Then I can immediately focus my attention on Jesus again. 


This is by no means an exhaustive list, and no doubt as soon as I publish, I will remember a dozen other things I will wish I would have included.  But you get the drift.  Now you can begin the process of pondering each point, and deciding which stones you will add to your foundation.  May you be richly rewarded for taking the time to examine my stones and for conducting a serious inspection of your own.  Make Jesus your Cornerstone, and ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom and revelation to set a firm foundation all around you.  Then, when the storms of life come at you in full force, you will be able to stand through it all.  May the Lord find you still standing when He comes for you.